Moggill city of Brisbane4


A person would be worried in Moggill, and feel that he or she is not safe around for example the Brisbane River, which is crossed using a ferry, which is usually free for pedestrian and bicycles. There have been suggestions of building a bridge to replace the ferry that does not rely seem to be heard however over the years there have not been any major constructions that have been made. Brisbane is also known for its congested traffic, being a very fast growing town in terms of infrastructure. The congestion is making students safety to be more of a threat. The intersections of Brookfield and Kenmore roads are barely accessible by use of bicycles because they do not include bicycle facilities. There have been numerous developments to improve pedestrian safety but still are not yet okay.

Though learning and other important activities must continue, Moggill is not a threat to safety at all, residents have learned how to operate safely in these areas, before a solution is made, there rare cases of accident reports. Pedestrian safety is alright and young learners go to school and come home safely every day. Brisbane city council supports a number of initiatives to support infrastructure of students and the community around the schools, for example the school zone signage program that main objective is to improve road safely on multi-lane zones, there is also a school travel program, also provides safely in schools. A safer routes program, also ensures safety of students traveling from school, and has also improved infrastructure within the school regions finally there is the school crossing supervisor program that helps learners to cross roads safely There are two public schools in Moggill Queensland that is Moggill Primary school which has an approximate population of six hundred and eighty students, it starts from preparatory to grade 6.


Around schools there is a reduced speed limit, because Brisbane city council provides initiatives to protect children and school communities, so one should slow down near a school, as a qualified driver that should always be in your mind. Drivers who over speed are fined if they over speed around the regions, drivers are always urged to pay attention to the speed limits because, that will lead to their safety, and avoid unnecessary fines.


Did you know it's a crime to pick your phone while driving? Many drivers ignore this, and actually pick their phones while driving without knowing the risk. Bruce Flegg was in court for using a phone while driving, he pleaded not guilty. He picked his phone while at a set of traffic lights, around Moggill road chapel, he argued that he was not operating on it and that he just grabbed it, he told the officer he was just checking the diary who had seen the glowing screen on his phone. However he was found guilty and was fined $341. There are more and more news relating to inappropriate mobile usage that cause accidents. It's not the fact that you're on your phone. Nobody should say a word if you're scrolling down on social media, playing with some mobile slots, or checking the latest news on your phone. But there is a time and place to choose when to distract you self with a screen. Being behind the wheel will never be that occasion.


There has been numerous suggestions of addition of high schools and infrastructure investment in Kenmore high, locals urged the government to upgrade buildings, but the department of education dismissed the statement that the school has a capacity of 2,231 students. Dr Christian Rowan, MP for Moggill insists that an upgrade of infrastructure in the school is an urgent matter, he even sent his request letter to the ministry of education, on 2018 enrollments as well as asking for the future of schools in the suburbs in the next ten years. Locals instincts that the school has to be modified, for instance the say the library is already uncomfortable ably restricted, as in it is already overcrowded. Being a highly regarded school in Brisbane something urgent must be done.

Speed Limit Reduction in School Zones

Speed Limit Reduction in School Zones
A school zone is a location or an area around the school premise or the walkway for pedestrians leading or connecting to a school; Speed limit is the maximum speed legally permitted for a vehicle to travel along a particular road, “a 65 mph speed limit“-is an example. Having established a reasonable speed separately, a combination of these words “speed limit in school zone" will read therefore the maximum speed legally permitted for a vehicle to travel along roads leading to school premises.

Pedestrian Safety and Public Schools in Moggill, Queensland

Pedestrian Safety and Public Schools in Moggill, Queensland
As people become more and more health conscious and environmentally responsible, the number of bicycles and cars on the roads is increasing in Moggill Road, Queensland in Australia. Problems arise, however, because the nation’s roadways were designed primarily for motorized vehicles. Bicyclists and others riding non-motorized pedal-driven vehicles are at risk when it comes to hitting the pavement.

Increased infrastructure funding for Kenmore State High School

Increased infrastructure funding for Kenmore State High School
Sustained efforts over more than a decade by locals and school administration, and active campaigning by ex Moggill MP Mr. Bruce Flegg, current MP Dr. Christian Rowan, have resulted in increased infrastructure funding for the Kenmore State High School. The recurrent funding by Federal and State Governments has increased from AUD 16.9 million in 2014 to AUD 20.4 in the year 2016. The school’s income from private sources has also increased from AUD 524,377 in 2014 to AUD 638,556 in 2016. With the availability of more funds, the capital expenditure in the school has increased from AUD 216,886 in the year 2014 to AUD 262,465 in the year 2016.

Bruce Flegg: an unsung hero

Bruce Flegg, a person who was considered to be the heroic figure and for those who don't know him he is a former Australian Politician. He was a general practitioner turned into politician from 2004 to 2015. He had served as a leader of the ‘State Liberal Party'. What is so special about him? Why are we really focusing on him? Well, I shall give you all the answers in this article and hence request you to read it until the end.