Bruce Flegg: an unsung hero

Bruce Flegg sues2Bruce Flegg, a person who was considered to be the heroic figure and for those who don't know him he is a former Australian Politician. He was a general practitioner turned into politician from 2004 to 2015. He had served as a leader of the ‘State Liberal Party'. What is so special about him? Why are we really focusing on him? Well, I shall give you all the answers in this article and hence request you to read it until the end.

He was one of the best politicians Liberal National Party ever had in Moggill. Talking about Moggill, it is one of the suburban areas of Queensland, Australia where Flegg participated in the election and became the representative of the place. He is considered to be working as the best politician and for the welfare of the people of Moggill. He worked for the Liberal party for few years and then resigned on December 4, 2007. What brought him in limelight was the defamation case that he filed on the Mr Garame Hallet who was his own former media adviser. The case of demon Flegg this on a radio show, so that had something out filed on Flegg, said that he is an unfit person to do the office works, Later on, it was revealed that he had defamed Flegg there. Justice Lyons said that the resignations were the direct consequence of the publications that were made against Bruce Flegg. Lyons had accepted Flegg's resignation, and then he, later on, confessed about the allowances that were awarded to Dr Bruce Flegg through court.

He was the second minister after the take over by the Liberal party and then he gave resignation too. Newspapers came up with the headlines that Queensland's Newman government had lost its second minister. He was also accused of making few deals and working with his son as well who was in another party. Allegedly, he had tried to hide the work they have performed by telling it all under the shadow of being a local practitioner. Flegg showed the judge that the minister was actually very smart enough to take the parliament's discussion in a completely new direction. Did you know that Bruce Flegg is among the richest politicians of Queensland, Australia? It was first alleged but then, later on, became a fact that he is the richest politician of Queensland. He has investment properties at Point Lookout on North Stradbroke Island, Noosa Heads, and one at the Spring Hill through a trust there.

Even after being the richest politician of the Queensland, he had faced a rise and fall int eh career at all the points. He made it to the top 100 rich list of Queensland and with the worth of 20 million dollars. When he was accused of sharing the political information of the party with his lobbyist son, he showed all his email strings and the conversations which he ever had with his son. None of them really prove that he shared the delicate and important information with others. This was the base which helped Bruce Fleggs to file a case of defamation. His truth and capability of standing for himself let him win the defamation case against himself and still, he is probably the richest politician of the Queensland, Australia.