Increased infrastructure funding for Kenmore State High School

Sustained efforts over more than a decade by locals and school administration, and active campaigning by ex Moggill MP Mr. Bruce Flegg, current MP Dr. Christian Rowan, have resulted in increased infrastructure funding for the Kenmore State High School. The recurrent funding by Federal and State Governments has increased from AUD 16.9 million in 2014 to AUD 20.4 in the year 2016. The school’s income from private sources has also increased from AUD 524,377 in 2014 to AUD 638,556 in 2016. With the availability of more funds, the capital expenditure in the school has increased from AUD 216,886 in the year 2014 to AUD 262,465 in the year 2016.

 public schools in Moggill3Mr. Bruce Flegg had started campaigning actively for establishing new schools in the areas around Brisbane, way back in the early 2000’s. On the same note, he had also heavily lobbied extensively for the increase in funding for building additional infrastructure at Kenmore State High School, which considering its’ increasing student base was desperately needed. The locals and Dr. Rowan are still persisting with their demands for new schools to meet the increasing demands of the community. Likewise to the credit of Dr. Rowan, who has also supported a parliamentary petition for construction of a new high school within the areas in and around Moggill, they are expected to see a growth in the number of children who would require enrollment in high school. But the Queensland Government has consistently rejected such suggestions and stated that the existing schools, including Kenmore State High School, can meet the existing as well as future demands considering their existing capacity utilization ratios and also by increasing their catchment areas.

The Kenmore State High School, in the meanwhile, continued to seek additional infrastructure funds to construct new building as well as to enhance facilities like the school library. The request had also stemmed from the concern surrounding the removal of demountable classrooms which were being used for the students. Dr. Rowen had backed this request as well considering the changes in demography and a growing population in the Moggill electorate. The sustained efforts began to bear fruits with an increased funding for the Kenmore State High School from Federal and State Governments. The Government also introduced plans like the “Brisbane Long Term Infrastructure Plan 2012-2031” that enabled the development and use of common facilities through collaboration between the government, community and private entities. As a result, schools like Kenmore State High School could now provide their halls for hosting community meetings. Partnerships could also be developed with schools for co-delivery of services like library, sporting facilities and art exhibition facilities. This had the potential to enable them to earn more private revenue.

The availability of increased funds has enabled Kenmore State High School to add 2 new buildings on its campus. One of them is a three-story facility for Year 7 and another is a two-story Special Education Unit building. These new building have been constructed to meet the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) standards. The FKG Group had been engaged for this task. It was completed successfully in October, 2014. The expenditure towards this work stood at AUD 8.5 million. However, the school is still in requirement of additional funds for upgrading its library and continues to petition the Government for the same.