Speed Limit Reduction in School Zones

A school zone is a location or an area around the school premise or the walkway for pedestrians leading or connecting to a school; Speed limit is the maximum speed legally permitted for a vehicle to travel along a particular road, “a 65 mph speed limit“-is an example. Having established a reasonable speed separately, a combination of these words “speed limit in school zone" will read therefore the maximum speed legally permitted for a vehicle to travel along roads leading to school premises.

speed limit school zone4However it is worthwhile to consider that speed limit is generally reduced during certain hours within school zones. For those living in Moggill Queensland, precisely Kenmore State High School, this is one high school that is located at a very attractive plot on the delightful Moggill Creek. One of the few school zones in Queensland that operates between 7am-9pm and 2pm-4pm with some other schools running from 7am-4pm. The speed limit in Moggill Queensland ranges from 20 mph to 30 mph during school hours to ensure the safety of students or pedestrians. This safety regularization has indeed made pedestrians accident and risk free. Strict punishment has been attached to the violation of the speed limit reduction to the school zone speed limit during school hours irrespective of any reason for violation of the permitted school zone speed limit in Moggill Queensland Kenmore state high school.

In past years, a high number of accident fatalities have been recorded in Moggill Queensland and if you take a look at this records, it disheartening and can break you into tears for sympathy towards the victims. Some of the accidents involved cyclists, passersby, motorists amongst the many. On February 5th 2017 on a Saturday, “a car on the left creek road skidded off while swerving traffic and hit a tree which led to the instant death of the two occupants of the vehicle. On the same aforementioned date and date, a 30 year old man's life was claimed by a motorists. In 2011, the Moggill Queensland road claimed lives of so many people so which are 47 motorists who were victims of a fatal crashes resulting in 46 fatalities, 56 drivers and motorists engaged in severe accidents resulting in 56 fatalities, 49 freight heavy car driver engaged in serious accidents resulting in 54 fatalities, the 227 crashes which resulted in 269 fatalities and the death count is indeed numerous. The death scorecard keeps counting on and on with high claims of casualties indeed. This calls for an immediate action, which is on execution recently through the safety improvement works on the Moggill Queensland Road and Pullenvale Road.

Under the projects planned includes an increment of the width of the Moggill road between Pullenvale road and Brisbane independent school road, installation of a wide painted median demarcate inbound and outbound movement to improve road safety, enlargement to standard of drainage channels to help improve on the road span, and the list scrolls down. This as voiced by the people of Moggill Queensland people is indeed an action in the right direction. The is the determinant factor why the speed limit reduction in school zones in Moggill Queensland in taken very seriously to ensure the absolute safety of the pedestrians or people in better quote, and I think sincere cooperation with this regulation is all that is needed from the people.